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Danube bridges

from the Black Forest to the Black Sea

Photo: Péter Gyukics photographer artist (FSZ546).

Author/editor: dr. Herbert Träger, dr. Ernő Tóth engineer specialized in bridges

The book: 962 photos, 330 pages; published in German and Hungarian also

"2 years I photographed all the 342 bridges of the Danube (including the navigable side-arm some from the air, others from the water and from the land). I had my first exhibition about Danube bridges in the international conference about Danube Strategy." The photos can be viewed on Exhibition menu or here.


Publisher price: 20 Euros (+5% VAT) + postal charges 

               This is the very first book in the World showing

each and every one of the Danube bridges with

                                                                                                       photos and explanations!

Crossing the Danube !


from the Black Forest to the Black Sea

Publisher price: 40 €
 + postal charges


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